• Do we need humanistic sciences - arts & literature - today?
  • Do we need knowledge of culture, history and philosophy for an understanding of people and society today?
    The obvious answer is: Yes!

Humanistic knowledge is the foundation of our culture.

  • Without we view the world one-sided; we lose perspectives and points of orientation.
  • Humanistic knowledge explains how we understand things today - and how we should look towards the future.
    The past is also present in the future!

Humanistic knowledge is concerned with what we live for.

  • It is about direction and goals rather than concrete assignments.
  • It is about mainatining complexity and nuances.
    Humanistic knowledge is not to think about solutions to problems but to ask why we have the problems in the first place!

From a humanistic and philosophical tradition I offer:
Space for reflection and critical view on our situation and problems.

  • Time to ask if we do the right in the right way.
  • Time to ask if there is any substance in the work we do, or we merely repeat ourselves.
  • Time to learn from the experiences we bring with us.
  • Time to turn towards the values we build our communities on and to remind us about what they offer us and ask of us.

I do talks for inspiration

  • to review strategies in a humanistic perspectiv.
  • to question current agendas and point towards other.

Make reports with a humanistic-philosophical perspective on specific topics.

I wish to create reflections and to point at what is ignored and forgotten in the current agendas - to turn things on their head and challenge routines and usual patterns of thinking.