Since 2016 I have been engaged in the international research group Appearances of the political.

The group aims at investigating aesthetic appearances and experiences of the political in contemporary democracies.
Political is taken to mean political acts and manifestations in all forms including not only in debates and decisions but also institutional and material organization as well as communication and actions of everyday living. The political includes how our everyday is embedded in ideologies forming our thoughts and actions.
This topic is covered by a variety of disciplines such as aesthetics, rhetoric, communication, material culture studies, anthropology, sociology, gender studies, pedagogy, and philosophy.

The group has held more seminars:
2019 in Helsinki and Cēsis (Latvia)
2018 in Copenhagen, Palermo, Fårö (Sweden) and Ascea (Italy)
2017 in Wrocław and Saulkrasti (Latvia)
2016 in Riga and Orivesi (Finland)