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The Education of Senses. At the Intersection between Affectivity and Aesthetics, In The Polish Journal of Aesthetics 60 (1/2021)

Reflections on the pandemic, in Tangible Territory 1. Vol 1, issue 1 (

Journal of Comparative Literature and Aesthetics Vol. 43, No. 3, Autumn 2020
Taste and Surveillance Capitalism

Nordicum-Mediterraneaum 15(3)
Identity and Aesthetics. Atmosphere as an approach to the appearance of the concrete person

»The Aesthetic Dimension of Human Rights. Sensibility as Fundamental Virtue in Relation to Migration« in E.B. Gebre, D. Župarić-Iljić and M.C. Jacobsen Eds. Cosmopolitanism, Migration and Universal Human Rights. Cham, Springer Nature Switzerland 2020, pp. 61-73. (Book:

In Studi di estetica:
To answer a demand: aesthetics in economy

In the mood. Valorisation of moods in an aesthetic economy

Popular Inquiry 1/2019
Political aesthetics: A philosophical reflexion

»The Aesthetic Endeavour in an Age of Halbbildung: Some Questions about Taste«, in Lars Aagaard-Mogensen & Jane Forsey eds. On Taste: Aesthetic Exchanges. Newcastle, Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2019, pp. 41-52.

On atmosphere/ambiances:
Stine Louring Nielsen, Carsten Friberg et Ellen Kathrine Hansen, «The Ambience Potential of Coloured Illuminations in Architecture. A spatial experiment exploring bodily sensations» in Ambiances [En ligne], 4|2018, mis en ligne le 05 décembre 2018, consulté le 13 décembre 2018. URL: ; DOI: 10.4000/ambiances.1578

»Perceiving (Political) Space«
3rd International Congress on Ambiances September 2016, Volos, Greece.

»Performing Everyday Practices«, in Ambiances. International Journal of Sensory Environment, Architecture and Urban Space [En ligne], Enjeux – Arguments – Positions. URL :

»Hermeneutics of Ambiance« in Jean-Paul Thibaud & Daniel Siret eds. Ambiances in Action / Ambiances en acte(s). proceedings of th 2nd International Congress on Ambiances / Actes du 2nd Congrès International sur les Ambiances Ambiances. Réseau international 2012, pp. 671-676.

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Presentation at Urban Lab, Randers, 2016:
»Tanker om belysning, oplysning og at lytte efter« in Tone Lassen/Urban Lab udg. Se lyset, hør lyden, udfold byens muligheder. Randers kommune 2016, pp. 86-93.

»Videnssamfundet og viden«, in Slagmark 52/2008
pp. 125-135.

»Design og forskning« in Magasinet Humaniora 3/2005, pp. 12-15 (Danish)

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