Full name

Carsten Friberg


Freelance – consultant, teaching, research, art


Copenhagen, Denmark


Current occupation

  • Teaching and supervision (since 2014 University of Southern Denmark, Kolding School of Design, Odsherred theatre school, Bergen Academy of Art and Design, Aalborg University).
  • Art project and collaboration with artists (Vadehavsfestival (2016) with artist Maj Horn; Wunschmaschine, Thierry Geoffrey/Ultracontemporary Beinnale, Secret Hotel and Kassandra Production).
  • Editorial work and review for scientific books, journals and conferences; coordinator for international research networks.
  • Guest presentations, lectures and workshops.

Previous academic positions

  • Associate and assistant professor, Aalborg University.
  • Assistant professor and external lecturer, Aarhus School of Architecture.
  • Amanuensis and external lecturer, University of Copenhagen.

PhD, University of Copenhagen, 2004.
MA (cand. phil.), Odense University (philosophy), 1994.

Has published
1 book;
4 anthologies;
60 articles (research, reviews and essays) in Danish, English, French and Norwegian;
and more than 50 conference papers in 19 different countries.