Full name

Carsten Friberg


Freelance – consultant, teaching, research, art


Copenhagen, Denmark


Current occupation

  • Teaching and supervision (since 2014 University of Southern Denmark, Kolding School of Design, Odsherred theatre school, Bergen Academy of Art and Design, Danish School of Media and Journalism and Aalborg University).
  • Art project and collaboration with artists (Vadehavsfestival (2016) with artist Maj Horn; Wunschmaschine, Thierry Geoffrey/Ultracontemporary Beinnale, Secret Hotel and Kassandra Production).
  • Editorial work and review for scientific books, journals and conferences; coordinator for international research networks.
  • Guest presentations, lectures and workshops.

Previous academic positions

  • Associate and assistant professor, Aalborg University.
  • Assistant professor and external lecturer, Aarhus School of Architecture.
  • Amanuensis and external lecturer, University of Copenhagen.

PhD, University of Copenhagen, 2004.
MA (cand. phil.), Odense University (philosophy), 1994.

Has published
1 book;
4 anthologies;
50 articles (research, reviews and essays) in Danish, English and French;
and over 80 lectures and presentations on conferences in more than 20 different countries.